Thursday, September 8, 2011

Use custom domain for your blogger blog

In order to change your domain name into a custom one... 

Firstly register a domain name with an Internet domain registrar or a web hosting company. If you own a domain name you can use it or for registering a new domain name visit any web hosting company.To know how to Register a Domain Click here.
After Registering a Domain name Log on to the Domain Registrar Website. Here i am selecting Go Daddy. Visit and Login using your Customer ID and Password.

After Log in Click on My Account Under Account Manager. Select the Domain Name which is Registered in your account and you will directed t the Domain Details Page.

Click on Launch under DNS Manager

Under A (Host) you have to add some information for that Click on Quick Add and add @ as Host and Under Points to add and TTL as 1 hour again click on Quick add and add @ as Host and as points to and 1 hour as TTL. do the same 2 more time and only points to will be changed to in the third and in the forth. After that click Save Zone File. For a brief understanding please see the image below.

Then you have to go to Host www in the CNAME (Alias) and change the points to and give and TTL to 1 hour and Click Save ZOne File. See the image for better understanding. 

After entering these details and Clicking on Save Zone File Simply go back to Domain Details again and Click on Forward and Click on Forward Domain from the Drop down list. As shown in the image.

 You will see a Box where you have to enter the website address as shown in the image and click on the Update the DNS Settings and Click on ok. You have done.
After all these Setting go to and Login so that you can change the setting of the blog you would like to use your domain name. After Login 

Click on Setting then click on Publishing.

Then click on Custom Domain.

In the Advanced Settings enter the Domain name we registered and Use a missing file host will be No and enter the Word for Verification and Click Save Settings. 

You have to tick on Redirect to and Click on save Setting and You have Done.

If everything is completed correctly your blog can be accessed using your own domain name. 
Have Fun....

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