Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to Find your own Mobile Number?

Most of the People do not remember their Mobile Number and if any one ask their mobile number they used to call to another number for finding their own mobile number. 

This is common in many cases and if there is no sufficient balance we cannot call others also. When we have to recharge our mobile number we have to provide our mobile number but if do not remember our moble number we cannot call others also as there may be no balance.

Most of the Telecom Prviders in India provides an easy method for finding our own mobile number.Let us see how can we find our own Moble Number

For Airtel Users: *140*6575# and Press Call Button

If you are an Airtel user you can find your mobile number by dialing to *140*6575# and press the call button. Then you will get a message as Request in Porgress, please wait click on back and you will get a call from your Number. its free. If you answer the call the call will end.
For BSNL Customers: *123# and Press Call Button
Finding our own number in BSNL is easy as when we search our balance by dialing *123# will can find our Mobile Number together with the balance amount.

For TATA Docomo Users: *#1# and Press Call Button
You can find your Mobile Number by dialing *#1# and press the call button you number will be displayed in the screen including the country code. It shows MSISDN and your moble number with country code.
For IDEA Users: *789# and Press Call Button
Idea user can find their mobile number by dialing *789# and press the call button.
For Aircel users: *#1# and Press Call Button
Aircel also provides the facility to find their own mobile number by dialling *#1# and Press the call button.
For Relaince Users: *#1# and Press Call Button

Reliance users also can find their mobile number by typing *#1# and press call button.

If any other providers have the facility to Find our own mobile number please give it in the comments box below so that other will get aware of it. Please share this post to all and comment are also welcome.

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