Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mobile Phone with a Battery Backup for 15 Years -Get it for $50 - SpareOne

Spare One is one and only Mobile phone in the world which works with an AA Battery. SpareOne had a battery capacity of 15 years. Most of the smart phones battery backup drains in a day when we use applications and even without using the mobile phone the battery backup keeps reducing.

Spare One is available for a cheap rate. You can buy this phone for $50. You can use this phone as a Spare Phone which can be used in an emergency. No need to charge the phone daily.

There is a flashlight in the phone which can be used at dark areas. This phone is specially made for calling and you cannot send sms or use any applications from this phone. No music players. Only you can use this for calling and it is called as a Spare Phone.
You can give this phone to your kids to keep track of them and there is no worry for giving costly mobile phone and lsing it or mis using it. 

SparOne is called itself as an Emergency Mobile Phone as we can use it without charging in any emergency situations. No need to search for charging sockets as this phone can be used without charging. 

You can get details of SpareOne from:


Next time you can gift SpareOne to your friend or give it to anyone for calling you back or you can call them.SpareOne is coming with a AA Battery. Use Energizer Lithium Battery for good backup life.

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