www.medguideindia.com - How to avoid costly Medicines

www.medguideindia.com is the official website of Med Guide India where you will get various details of all type of medicines. This website shows the price of all medicines which helps to choose the cheap medicine and avoid costly medicines. 

www.medguideindia.com is a website which give information regarding Medicine Manufacturer, Brand and Active Ingredients in the Medicine.

If you know a Medicine you can check it using this website what are the constituents in that particular medicine, whether there is any other medicine available with the same constituents and the price of the medicines etc..

Lets See How to check this

Firstly visit www.medguideindia.com
Then Click on Drugs
There you will be displayed with Manufacturer, Brand and Generic You can  search based on any of the 3 category.
Lets click on Brand 
Here you can search a Medicine with their Brand

Lets search about Huminsulin 30/70 (Huminsulin is a injection for Diabetic Patient)

When we Typed the Name Huminsulin and click on Search we will get 2 results and Lets check about the First one. The Price of the First one is Rs 166. 

Unfortunately the Huminsulin 30/70 is not available in the Medical Store or you feel the price is too high and you have to check whether there is any other Injection is available with the same Generics.

We have to Click on Active Ingredients (Generics)

 When we click the Active Ingredients we can see a box which contains the details of the Ingredients contains in the medicine. Here you can click on Matched Brands with above constituents so that you can see the other brands with the same constituents.

When you click the Matched Brands with above constituents you will be displayed with the box above where you can see a list of medicines with same constituents. Here in the list the first medicine costs only Rs 124.90 compared to Huminsulin 30/70 which costs Rs 166. 

You can buy any one of the medicine if Huminsulin 30/70 is not available in the Medical Store. Some times some medicine costs Rs 60 and above and same medicine will available from other manufacturer with less than Rs 10.

So next time check the medicine in this site before buying costly medicines.

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