Air Passenger Rights - Flight Delays and Flight Cancellations

Flight Delays and Cancellations from the Airline part will make the Passenger in deep trouble. Sometimes the Passenger is going for an emergency Meeting or other Important Visits at that time a Flight Delay or Flight Cancellation will make a Big loss to the Passenger.

There are various rights for an Airline Passenger and as per these Right the Passenger is entitled for a compensation from the Airline.

If you went to the Airport and you have been informed that your Flight is Delayed then the airline had the obligation to assist you.

You have to be given 2 phone calls or fax or mail
Free Meals and Refreshments
Free Hotel Accommodation if an overnight stay is required
If the Delay is for more than 5 hours a Passenger can cancel the Flight and Passenger will get a Refund of the Ticket Money

Compensation for the Passenger for the Delay of Flight

Flight Distance - Amount of Compensation

Less than 1500 KMs - EUR 250
1500 KM to 3500 KM - EUR 400
More than 3500 KMs - EUR 600

Over Booking of Seats in Flights

Over Booking of Seats in a Flight is Legal as Airline can sell tickets more than the number of seats in the Flight. In normal cases there will be No Show which means some of the passenger wont turn up or will not travel on the day. Then there will be seats available for all the Passenger. 

Airline over book because they want to Fly with all the seats occupied. If all the passenger who had booked their ticket comes to the Airport Airline will ask the passenger to volunteer and not to fly in that flight and in compensation for it airline will provide benefits to the passengers who are giving up their tickets.

Passenger can claim for any benefits and normally Airline Provides it. Airline will provide a Refund of the Ticket Amount and a Free Ticket to Travel in another Date and some sort of Gifts to the Passenger.

Flight Cancellations

When the Passenger went to the Airport and he was informed that the Flight in which he wants to go is cancelled he is eligible for compensation.

Compensation for Flight Cancellation

Less Than 1500 KMs - EUR 250
1500 KM to 3500 KM - EUR 400
More than 3500 KM - EUR 600

Passenger can claim for the compensation with the Airline and the Airline have to give the compensation if the Delay or Cancellation is made with out any valid reason. 

If the Airline is not ready to Pay the Compensation then the Passenger can go to the Court for Compensations. 

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