Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - Free Virtual Credit Card from Entropay

When we buy any Product or Service through Online and we redirect to the Payment Page there you will be instructed to enter the Credit Card Number for completing the Payment but Unfortunately we do not posses a Credit Card with us and we have to drop the purchase.

This is a common problem when buying products through Online. Getting a Credit Card have several Rules in India. One has to Deposit an Amount as Fixed for getting a Credit Card.

For example If we deposit rs 20000 in our bank as fixed we will be issued a Credit Card which can be used to make payment worth Rs 16000 which is the 80% of the Deposit Amount, Some Bank offers 70% credit of the deposit Money.

We normally do not have that much money to Keep as Fixed Deposit and normal cases the Minimum deposit is Rs 20,000. If we want to buy an item Online for Rs 400 or 500 we have to keep Rs 20000 as fixed an get a Credit Card and its difficult to so many.

There are several Companies offers Prepaid Virtual Credit Cards (VCC) which can be used where Credit Card Payment is available. Here we can get a Virtual Credit Card easily and we can load as much money we want and use the Card for Payments. 

Let us see How to Create a Virtual Credit Card in Entropay.

Entropay is such a company who offers virtual credit card for Free. You can use Entropay Virtual Visa Card for Payments Online. 

Firstly Visit and Read the Features and benefits of entropay virtual visa card and if you satisfied with the benefits offered simply click on Register Now or Sign Up.

Fill the necessary details (While typing password there should be minimum 6 character which has one upper case and a digit and lowercase)and click Get your Card

Select the Funding Source (How you want to Fund your Card) You can select it and Give the Details such as Debit Card Name, Number, Expiry Date, Load Amount etc or Give Bank Account details if you like to add fund from your bank or Click on Fund Your Card Later. (Funding through Debit Card is instant)

After that click on Add New Virtual Card then select the Currency and Name on the Card and Click on Create Card. 

Once you Top up or load your Card You can see the Card Number and Use the Card. 

There is some fees for loading money to entropay card and receive money from others etc. See below the fees details.
You can add any number of Cards in one Account. For purchasing online simply Load the Amount and Enter the Car Number, Expiry Date of the Card. Entropay Virtual Visa Card can be used as a Credit Card for Online Transaction.

So Create you Entropay Virtual Visa Card for Free and Load Fund and Make Purchases online.

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