www.truecaller.com - Search and Find the Unknown Phone Number

www.truecaller.com is the official website of True Caller which provides the facility to Search and Find Phones Numbers of People World Wide. Both Mobile Phone and Land Phone can be find out using this Website. 

When you receive a Unknown Phone Calls and you do not know the user or owner of the phone number you can search the number and identify its user through True Caller.

In Most cases the Name of the Owner will be displayed and sometimes photo will be displayed along with the name. 

Anyone can download the mobile phone app of True Call in their mobile and when installing True Calls request to add the Contact List into the true caller server which will helps to get the name when someone types a Phone Number.

When you type your Phone Number your name will be displayed in the website which may be retrieved from true caller server or from social networking sites etc. or some one had installed true caller and their phone book is uploaded to the true caller server.

One has to Sign In in the True caller site for checking the phone number. You can Sign In using username and password of Twitter or Facebook or Yahoo or Linked In or Google.

In you do not like to display your Phone Number in True Caller you can Unlist it from the True Caller or if your Name is not displayed correctly you can Suggest Your Name also. 

For more details please visit http://www.truecaller.com/

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