egroops.kerala.gov.in - Online Registration for Societies and Partnership Firms in Kerala

http://egroops.kerala.gov.in/ is the official website for  online Registration of Societies and Partnership Firms in Kerala. Egroops is an online software system developed by C-DIT for registration of Societies and Partnership Firm in Kerala. 
  • Name: Egroops - Electronic Governance for Registration of Partnership Firms and Societies
  • Website Registration Department: http://keralaregistration.gov.in/
  • Register Socities Online: http://egroops.kerala.gov.in/
  • Society Status: http://egroops.kerala.gov.in/FrmPublicStatus.aspx
  • Model Bye Law: http://egroops.kerala.gov.in/socities.pdf
  • Firm Registration: http://egroops.kerala.gov.in/FirmPublic.aspx
  • Society Registration: http://egroops.kerala.gov.in/frmSocietyRegPublic.aspx
  • Firm Status: http://egroops.kerala.gov.in/FirmStatus.aspx

How to Register your Club in Societies Act

Prepare a Bye law in proper format Bye Law model will be available in the website http://egroops.kerala.gov.in/socities.pdf and prepare bey law and sign by all the members and scan the bye law and prepare a single PDF document.

Then visit http://egroops.kerala.gov.in and click on New Society Registration and fill the details and upload the bye law which was scanned and saved in PDF Format and submit it.

It will be received by the Registration Department and the Registration department will check the application and they will call the applicant for an Interview. Applicant have to attend the Interview within 30 days.

If the applicant didn't attend the Interview then the application will be in the list of Expired Application. Applicant have to click on New Registration for Re Submit the Application. 

Fore details regarding the filling of application will be available at http://egroops.kerala.gov.in/user%20manual%20Society.pdf

Anyone can check the status of Registered Society through District wise. Simple select the Check Status and select the District and Enter the Society Name and click on Search or simply click search without typing any name for getting all the societies registered recently in a particular district. 

Registered Firm can be searched based on E-Mail ID or Firm Name. 

For details regarding the registration of Society and Firm will be made available at each District registration Department in Kerala. 

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