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http://indane.co.in is the official website of Indane from India Oil Online Gas Booking where you can Book for a New Gas Connection and Online Refill Booking.


How to Book a New Gas Connection

Inorder to Book a new gas connection visit the website  of Indane http://indane.co.in/onlinegasbooking.php and click on click here under new gas booking.

If your distributor is listed in the drop down menu you can book new connections online or you have to go to the distributor for new connection booking if it is not listed in the drop down list.

Select Your State, City and Distributor and click on Proceed for New Connection Booking.

Enter all the details and click on Submit. You can enter your Bank Account details here go transferring your subsidy directly to your bank account.

Once your application is received by the Distributor they will check it and assign you a new connection. If your House do not fall under the particular distributor then you wont assign a connection by the Distributor you have to contact the nearest distributor for applying for a new connection.

Online Refill Booking

For Refill your Cylinder you can book through online by visiting the Indane website and click on web booking and click on click here under Online Refill Booking.

You have to Register yourself for refill booking. Once Registered you can login to your account and book. Booking can be done online 24 hours a day and any day. 

You can check online whether you had multiple connection and how much refills you have booked and received in a particular period and how much refills are available for you in a particular period.

Refill can be booked using your Mobile Phone by sending an SMS any time and any day. 

LPG Cylinder Subsidy will be given through Direct Bank Transfer in most of the cities and soon it will be available every where. In order to get the subsidy transferred to the bank account one has to Possess Aadhaar Card and Open a Bank Account and Submit copy of the Aadhaar Card to the Distributor and visit the bank and give a copy of Aadhaar card to the Bank for club the Bank Account to the Aadhaar Card. 

Apply for an Aadhaar Card as early as possible for avoiding last minute rush and link your bank account with the Aadhaar Card and give copies of Aadhaar Card to the LPG Distributor and the Bank.

For new connection booking and refill booking of Indane LPG Gas please visit the website http://indane.co.in

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