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http://www.vhscap.kerala.gov.in is the official website of Kerala Vocational Higher Secondary Admission (VHSCAP) First, Second Re Allotment and Supplementary Allotment for First year classes.
  • Course: VHSC First Year Class
  • No. of Groups in VHSC: 4
  • No. of Branches: 9
  • Branches: Engineering Technology, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Paramedical, Physical Education, Home Science, Humanities, Business and Commerce
  • No. of Years: 2
  • Second Allotment: 21st June 2013 (Students can see their Rank and Take Admission if got allotment)
  • Date of Joining (got allotted in 2nd Allotment): 22nd June 2013 onward
  • Supplementary Allotment Application Submission: 18th June 2013 to 4th July 2013 4 PM
  • Form 14: http://www.vhscap.kerala.gov.in/VHSECMSControl2012/admin/uppdf/Form%2014.pdf
  • Website: http://www.vhscap.kerala.gov.in


VHSCAP Centralized Allotment Process:

Once students had submitted their application a Trial Allotment will be published and students can check whether they will get in First allotment or not and they will get a chance to chance their options.

In the First Allotment if the Student got in first allotment they can take Temporary Admission and wait for other option if they like to get admission in Second Allotment or if he is satisfied with the school and course he is allotted he can make the payment of fees and get permanent admission. His higher options will be cancelled.

If a student is not got in first allotment he can wait for the Second Allotment and Final Allotment. There is a Supplementary allotment where Students who do not got any allotment and students who didn't applied before and students who wrote SAY Exam can apply. 

A fresh application is to be submitted for Supplementary Allotment.  If a student got allotment in a school and cannot join in the particular School can apply for Supplementary Allotment by filling Form 14 and if the students didnt got any allotment can apply for Supplementary Allotment by filling Form 14.

Kerala Plus One hscap Allotment is ongoing and Second Allotment will be published on 1st July 2013. For Applying for Supplementary Allotment in VHSC Admission students can Download and Printout Form 14 and Fill it and Submit it on any VHSC School before 4th July 2013 4 PM.

Vacant seats after all the main allotment will be published in the website and Supplementary Allotment is done for the vacant seats available in Schools. 


Rashid Pk on 5 July 2013 09:04 said...

Supplymentry allowedmenet ennna?

Anonymous said...

what is this?when is the supplementary allotment?

mohammed ramees on 16 July 2013 13:07 said...

vhse suplientry alotment eppo

mohamed shakkir said...

Please tell
when last allotment date?

ABI on 20 July 2013 10:20 said...

please update the crct accurate time of the publishing vhsc supplmntry allotment

Ebin Paul on 20 July 2013 19:05 said...

please tell the correct time of the supplementary allotment i'm waiting for that

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