Simple and Easy Remedies for Dandruff and Hair Fall

Now a days, most of us facing a problem of drandruf and itching of head which leads to a  severe hairfall. Here i share with you some homemade remedies i had experienced and got a better result . We  use only the items which we have in our home. Also it doesn't cause any side effects.


Shallots have many medicinal properpies. It also take part in dandruff control thus prevents itching of  head and hair fall as well. It is very easy to use also. Just puree the shallots using a mixer grinder,  apply it over the scalp of our head and wash it off  with mild shampoo after a minimum of 30 minutes.U can add a little water will grinding to get a smooth paste. Do it twice in a week for first month and then once in a week or two weeks is enough. You will get  the result from first use itselt.


Curd and coconut  together also have a great role in drandruff control. Mixing coconut milk and sour curd in equal amount and apply over the scalp. Keep it for atleast half an hour and wash it off with mild shampoo. Try it  twice in a week for 1 month for better result and then once in a week or 2 weeks is enough. You can feel the change in the first use itself.


Coconut oil and olive oil both have great role in the hair growth. Those oil in the presence of curry leaves  reduces hair fall and enhances the growth of hair. Boil coconut oil or olive oil with some curry leaves  and store it in a airtight container. Apply it on your scalp and hair two  or three times in a week  results in the reduction of hair fall and enhances the hair growth. We will get the result in first month itself.

These are  simple and easy method and are not expensive, through which we will get rid of  the most irritative problem we are facing. Just have a try on it.
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