How to Write an awesome Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) for a Job

Every day, job position openings receive tons of resumes and applications. Your resume is your first expression, showing a glimpse of who you are to the potential employer. 
Your curriculum vitae can either stand out and be remembered as the worst resume ever or you can craft your resume in such a way that you make a good impression, with just one page of text.

Read on if you want to know the anatomy of an awesome resume format. The following tips will ensure that your lack luster resume doesn’t keep you from bagging the next great job offer.
  1. A resume should not be longer than 600 words, this is your resume, not your biography!
  2. Objective statements are clich├ęd. Avoid them.
  3. In the header, type a quick and brief one liner that states what you have to offer, relevant to position you’re applying for.
  4. Make sure you add a Custom LinkedIn URL, right next to your contact details.
  5. Start with your profile; add 2-3 bullet points showing the milestones you’ve reached pertaining to the designation you’re applying for.
  6. Keep the tone professional and be brief.
  7. Always include your tenure with previous companies.
  8. Numbers are power in your resume, add dates and revenues generated!
  9. Highlight your greatest achievement first.
  10. Don’t exceed sentence length above 13 words!
  11. Always use bullet points! No paragraphs! This isn’t a book.
  12. List your education at the bottom.
  13. Only list your recent degree or diploma, no need for history.
  14. Do not over use bolding or fancy underlining!
  15. ‘References upon request’ needs to go, drop it.
  16. Avoid fonts smaller than 11 points.
  17. Don’t use serif fonts, this isn’t the newspaper!
  18. Finally at the bottom, add keywords in bullets, showing skills specific to the designation.
  19. That’s it, Awesome!  
CV Formats / Resume Formats are available in the Internet for references. Write a wonderful cover letter which may leads to see your CV which is attached in the Mail you are sending.

There you go! Now print it out, dress nicely and get to the interview 20 minutes to time! This could be your lucky day! Best of luck!

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