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https://oneplus.net/in is the official website of One Plus Mobile Phone which sells One Plus Two, One Plus X and other Models through Invitation. People can buy this mobile from Amazon Store only through Invite. One have to enter the invite code for buying a Phone Online.

One who buy Oneplus SmartPhone through Online will get 2 invitation codes which can be shared to anyone for buying a Mobile Phone. 
One Plus One Mobile Phone
  • Brand: OnePlus One
  • Colors: Silk White and Sand Stone Black
  • Memory: 16 GB and 64 GB
  • Specifications: Snapdragon 801 CPU, DDR3 RAM, 5.5 inch Screen, 3100 mAh Battery, 13 MP Camera, 4G LTE
  • Detailed Specification: https://oneplus.net/in/one#specifications
  • Buy Online: Through invite Only
  • How to Buy: https://oneplus.net/in/how-to-buy
  • Helpline: 0120 49 70 940 (Monday to Saturday - 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM)
  • E-Mail:support.in@oneplus.net
  • One Plus One Service Centres: https://account.oneplus.net/downloads/oneplus-service-centres-india.pdf
  • Website: https://oneplus.net/in

How to get an invite for buying OnePlus One Mobile Phone Online

In order to buy a mobile phone one have to enter invite code in the amazon website. One have to sign in in Amazon website and enter invite code for activating the Buy Now Link. 

There are various ways to get an india invite code. Global invite code cannot be used in India. In some occasions the company will provide chances to buy the phone without invitation. this offer will last for only one day.  

Those who buy the Phone will get 2 invite codes which can be used for buy another 2 mobile phones. So you can contact any one who already bought the phone. If they provide you the code you can buy it online. 

You can also visit the OnePlus one Forum and Register yourself and click on India Invite and ask for invite codes. Those who bought this phone already is sharing their invite code here. Visit https://forums.oneplus.net/forums/india/

One Plus One and Amazon is conducting various contests where people can win invite codes for using in the website for buying the phone. 

Even through subscribing Newsletter in the OnePlus One website also make eligible to get invite code. The easiest method is asking those who had bought the Mobile Phone. Simply visit the Forum and ask for invite code and you will get it. 
One Plus one mobile phone without invite code
For more details about OnePlus One Mobile Phones, Accessories, Getting Invite Codes and other Support please visit the website https://oneplus.net/in/ or visit the support page https://oneplus.net/in/support#invites

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