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http://www.knowyourcollege-gov.in is the official website of Know your College Portal launched by Ministry of HRD, Government of India. Know Your College (KYC) help students to know various available facilities in all the colleges in India. 
  • Portal: Know Your College (KYC)
  • Details Provided in the Website:
    • Facilities: Provides details of available facilities in the Colleges in India
    • Google Map: Locates the College in Google Map which enables to reach the College easily from any part of India
    • Window to World and Networking: Provides details about Education Status, Universities, Colleges, Availability of Scholarships in 23 countries around the World
    • Education Link: Provides details about Community Colleges, Vocational Colleges, Mobile Education, Distance Education, Finishing Schools, Library Service etc.
    • Student Link: Provides details regarding Admissions, Loans, Facilities for Specially Abled, Placement Faciltiies, Faciltiies for Girls etc. 
    • Student Grievance: Students inside and outside the Country can submit online Greviance and it will be addressed by concerened authorities.
  • Website: http://www.knowyourcollege-gov.in
know your college

Students can search based on State, District, University, Type of institution, Programme, Level, Course and Institute. 

How to Know Your College in India?

Students seeking admission can visit the website http://www.knowyourcollege-gov.in/ and Search College by selecting Technical College or Higher Education Institution. Select State, District, Universities, Type of Institution, Program, Course and Institute and click on Search. 

College details along with facilities provided will be displayed. Which eliminates Fake Colleges and Universities in India thus students can avoid being Cheated. 

Know Your College in India

For more details about (Colleges, Facilities, Scholarships etc) Know Your College Portal please visit http://www.knowyourcollege-gov.in

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