How to Choose BSNL Prepaid Mobile Number Online

http://bsnl.co.in is the official website of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) where you can buy / choose BSNL SIM Card through Online. Simply select your state and select your desired number from thousands of number available in the website.

  • Provider: Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)
  • Starting Digit for common Number: 8547 and 9446
  • Starting Digit for Fancy Number: 8281, 9495, 9497, 9400 etc
  • Price for Fancy Numbers: Rs. 863, 1124, 2247, 3371 etc.
  • Website: http://bsnl.co.in

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

How to Select a Mobile Number

Visit the website BSNL Choose your Mobile Number and select your state where you like to take a SIM. You will be redirected to another page there you have to drag and unlock the screen.

You will be displayed with available Mobile Numbers. There is more than 10,000 numbers available from which you can select one. Only one SIM can be select by one person. 

You can search for a number as it takes lot of time to see all the available numbers. Simply click on search and give parameters like contains, ends with etc and give the number and your choice will be displayed based on the search you had done.

If you find your Desired Number simply tick in front of it and click on Reserve Number. Enter your Mobile Number and click on Submit and you will get a 7 digit number into your mobile number. 

Enter the Pin send to your mobile in the column provided and click on submit. You will be asked for fill the application form click OK on it and enter the pin and mobile number to which the pin is send and click OK.

Enter all the details and click on submit. You can take a printout of the filled application form eventhough it is not mandatory. You need to bring the PIN which you received in your Mobile Number for gertting the SIM. So dont delete the message with the PIN as it is mandatory for getting the SIM.

Executive in BSNL Office will take Photo of you and Collect the Aadhaar Card and Original and will return the Aadhaar Card after Verification. Once everything is done you will get a new SIM after the Payment.

If you are not satisfied with the available numbers you can even search for fancy number also. Click on the Menu Fancy Nos which is next to Choice No.

Cost of Fancy Number will be high compared to ordinary number. It may cost Rs. 863, 1124, 2247, 3371 and more. Here also you can search for your desired number and do the rest if you are ready to pay the amount for the number.

For more details and searching for a desired BSNL Number through online without going to any shop please visit BSNL Choose your Mobile Number

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