How to Download Covid Vaccination Certificate

Once you are partially vaccinated with first dose or get fully vaccinated with both doses you can download the vaccination certificate. The Covid Vaccination Certificate can be downloaded in PDF format which comes with a QR which can be verified by the authorities using the portal https://verify.cowin.gov.in/

Covid Vaccination Certificate is required while travelling and for entering many places like malls and Markets.

Lets See How to Download Covid Vaccination Certificate?

Visit https://www.cowin.gov.in/

Click on Register / Sign In

Enter your Cowin registered Mobile Number and click on Get OTP

Enter the OTP received and click on Verify and Proceed

Here you can see the Registered Member and the Covid Vaccination Status like Partially Vaccinated or Full Vaccinated or not vaccinated.

If you are partially vaccinated you can see the number of days left for the second dose and there will be a button called Certificate.

Click on Certificate for downloading your Vaccination Certificate in PDF Format which can be printed and use while travelling to show to the authorities. 

See below for a sample of Covid Vaccination Certificate provided in India.

If you do not register online for Covid Vaccination you can register for Covid Vaccine Online by clicking here using the mobile number provided while getting vaccine and you can see the vaccination status and download the Certificate. 

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