How to Close / Deactivate Axis Bank Fastag get Refund?

Fastag is mandatory for Vehicles for crossing Toll Plaza in India. Fastag is issued by Banks and Payment Banks by submitting documents like RC, PAN Card, Photo, etc, and Paying around Rs 500 (Security Deposit: Rs. 200, Issuance Fees: Rs. 100, Balance: Rs. 200). 

Let's see how to Close / De-activate Axis Bank Fastag?

Sometimes if we are not satisfied with the service provided by the Fastag Provider we like to Cancel our Fastag and buy a new Fastag from a different Issuer. 

If you like to Cancel your Axis Bank Fastag you can simply send an e-mail to Axis Bank Fastag E-Mail address etc.management@axisbank.com about cancelling Fastag.

Send an E-Mail to etc.management@axisbank.com, requesting to Cancel your Fastag and mention your Mobile Number / Customer ID. Send the mail from your registered mobile number. 

You will get a reply as below.

If you send an e-mail with the correct details, you can close your Fastag easily and get a refund to your bank account.

If you like to close your RFID Tag of a particular vehicle and keep the other Tags you have to mention RFID Closure in the e-mail and provide the vehicle number and your Security Deposit of that particular Tag will be Refunded and If you want to Close all your Fastag and your Wallet you have to mention Wallet Closure and your Wallet and all the linked Tag will be closed and you will be refunded with your Security Deposit and Balance Amount in your Wallet.

While sending the e-mail you have to attach a Cancelled Cheque in the Wallet Holder Name and the refund will be initiated to the bank account details mentioned in the cancelled cheque.

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