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http://railradar.trainenquiry.com/ is the website of National Train Enquiry System where you can track your Train location on Google Maps. Which is the next station for a particular train. On what time it will reach a particular station etc. 
When we call the enquiry we cannot ask several questions, there is no time to ask more questions and sometimes there will be no answer. In order to solve all these problems Indian Railway had started a new Website called Rail Radar which helps to track the Train.

http://railradar.trainenquiry.com/ provides you a detailed information of all the trains traveling in India through a Map. When we visit the website we will be displayed with Indian Map which had Green Colored arrows and Red colored arrows. Green colored arrows indicates trains running on time and red colored arrows indicates trains running late.

We can zoom the Map to check the train status of place we are going.
  • Website: http://trainenquiry.com/
  • Mobile App: http://trainenquiry.com/mobile.aspx
  • Interactive Map: http://railradar.trainenquiry.com/
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  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/railyatri

How to Track the Train we want to Go

First visit http://railradar.trainenquiry.com/and you will be displayed with an Indian Map which had red and green arrows.

Here Zoom the Map to your favorite location and click on any green arrow. You will be displayed like the picture below.

Here you will be displayed with Train Number and Train Name. Train started Date and Day. Last station of the Train, Next Station etc. You can click on Show Stops to know the Stops of the train. If you click for the latest status you will get latest information of the train like the picture below.

In the picture above you will get details like Last stations of the train and how many kilometer behind the stations and how many kilometers to go for the next station. Departure time of previous stations and delayed time, current time etc. 

In this website you can even get details of Special trains and cancelled trains. So visit http://railradar.trainenquiry.com/ and spot your train details.

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