Sunday, December 1, 2013 - Apply for a Job in Qatar Telecom / Ooredoo

Qatar Telecom (Q tel) is a telecom company in the State of Qatar. Q tel had a presence in 17 countries. Q tel was founded in 1987. Q tel provides Mobile Phone services, Broadband Services, Fixed Line services and Entertainment services etc. 

There are various Job opportunities in Q tel. Vacancies are listed in the Current jobs section and there will be Future job section where future jobs will be displayed. In order to apply for a vacancy one have to Register in the Q tel Application Centre.

Important Links:

If you find a suitable job vacancy in the list of vacancies you can apply for the post by clicking on the post title and read the description, roles, skills required etc and click on Apply. 

You have to register for applying for the post and if you had already registered you can login with the E-Mail and password. 

if there is no suitable vacancies available you can search for a vacancy in Future Jobs and apply for the same and once that vacancy arises you will be informed about the same.

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  1. Can i send my CV in General to Qtel if there is no vacancies in Current and Future Jobs which is suitable for me.


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