How to Face a Job Interview ǀ Tips and Techniques

To land the job you desire, you the interviewee, must impress the interviewer, the decision maker and your future employer. Here are some tried and tested interview tips for everyone looking to know how to attend an interview

Know Your Potential Employer before facing an interview

This is one of the most important interview tips. Take some time out and research the company in and out. Nowadays, every company has a web presence. Google them. There Social Media pages, Look them up on LinkedIn. Read their website inside out. Know of what they sell. If it’s a company that sells a product, read on how the product works and how it makes people’s lives better. If they offer services, gain knowledge about the type of service they offer and see how you can help sell the service. It would stump your employer during the job interview if you know about your job even before you’re hired.

Have a flawless Resume, Custom for the Job interview:

To successfully land a job from an interview, a resume is one of the first expressions. Make sure your resume is free from grammar and spelling errors.  You’re already one step behind if you have an erroneous resume while facing a job-interview. Make sure you type your resume according to the needs of the position and organization you’re applying at, this will increase your chances of getting the position from the job interview. Keep it simple and to the point, you’re giving a brief introduction of yourself, not typing a biography.

Focus on the job description:

Read more on the nature of the job and take notes on how you fit the role. This will help you build rapport with the employer during the job-interview.

Check your body language during the Job interview:

Make sure you maintain a healthy eye contact with the interviewer during the interview. Practice brevity and give complete answers. Be calm and speak slowly. Take it easy. Listen to the interviewer and don’t interrupt when they’re talking. Show concern.

Make Sure that you Suit Up!:

A professional expression is key to landing a job from a job interview. Look sharp, smell nice. But don’t overdo it. Sleep well the night before the interview. Looking groggy won’t be nice when sitting in an interview. Get to the location at least 30 minutes before the interview. This is an important interview tip. Read this again and keep it in your mind.

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